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    I was reading old threads and found this one:

    I was wondering if you all buy the products you recommend?

    I am working on a website and will have reviews linked to affiliate merchants... If i don't buy from them but review their products, would that be considered "lying"?

    If so, how do I get around this and still get my visitors to click/buy?

    [fixed link]

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    There's a saying.

    If you're not caught cheating, you never cheated.

    I guess the same could apply here.

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    The link you listed is to a whole list of topics...
    none of which seem to focus on product review...
    Of course I might have missed it... if so... please refine your link...

    As to your question...

    Only you can really say whether it’s a lie or not...
    which means that you’re the only one that can truthfully answer it...

    The following quote has always served me in good stead...

    “The safest course is to do nothing against one’s conscience...
    With this secret, we can enjoy life and have no fear of death...”
    ... Voltaire

    Just a thought... for what it’s worth...
    <Font size="1" color="99000">Never doubt anybody's word for anything... but... Always double check everything... - Grandpa</font>

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    Well there is a little thing called the deceptive trade practices law that says you can't lie. I only recommend stuff that I have used or that I do research on and think is good. I don't want to sell junk. People aren't going to come back if you sell them junk and you probably don't want anyone doing that to you either.

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    There's no way in Blazes I could buy all 100,000+ items I promote! After all, if I was that rich, I would be in Hawaii being served mint juleps, not promoting stuff

    I avoid doing what reasonable people would call "reviews" when I haven't used the product. If people come to my sites, they KNOW they are being *advertised* to, or at least they do unless they are rocks-in-the-head stupid.

    I use words like "great" or "excellent," but in such a way that people should be able to spot that it's advertising. Kind of like if you see an ad with people praising Coke, you *know* it's an ad and not an objective review by the way the message is done.

    If I HAVE tried the product/service, and like it, then I may do a review on it, but I usually don't review things even then, since review-style pages don't really "fit" with any of my sites.

    If you really want to have reviews, though--
    One way to legitimately use reviews without actually trying the product yourself, is to choose a merchant that has real reviews (they may call it "customer feedback") on their site, and, with permission from them, reprint some of those reviews on your page.
    There is no knowledge that is not power. ~Hemingway

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