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    Do you know of any way to find which product was sold through the merchant. There is one "Product Success Report" or something similar in linkshare which tells us which product was sold. Does CJ have similar functionality?
    I love the interface, consolidated payments, and other nice features of CJ. So i am more interested in promoting merchants in CJ. The ability to find which products sold would be a huge help. Is there a way to find this?

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    The closest you can get to this is use of the SID field on your links.

    A sale being credited to a particular SID does not necessarily mean that particular product is what was purchased (some customers may click through, then navigate to other parts of the site and buy different items), but it does serve as a good indicator of which of your links are producing for you.

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    I was trying to find out the same thing the other day.

    They should allow it like linkshare. They tell you the product that was bought.

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