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    I am absolutely new to forums. I have never posted a forum message anywhere before so if I break any etiquette or conduct rules please let me know. I manage an affiliate program and just become aware of parasitic programs through reading several posts here. It seems to me the parasite problem revolves around downloaded software applications. I have found we have a few affiliates that are openly discussed here as parasites. My question is, are all affiliates that offer kick backs-rebates to customers and all affiliates that offer software bundles parasitic? I know that Top Moxie has been mentioned so I assume that is a major problem. Are there other notable names that I should be aware of? And finally how would I go about determining if an affiliate uses these deceptive practices. Our views on the affiliate marketing program were so focused otherwise it never occured that this could be a problem. Your input is greatly appreciated. I forgot to mention we only have our program listed with Commission Junction.


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    Well, welcome to ABW.

    There's a lot of information on the subject here and a special forum also lower down in the menu. But a lot of the discussion happens in network threads also as well as the Midnight Cafe.

    anyone who diverts a click from a viewer on my site to their own profit is a parasite. there are many forms of parasitic activity.

    I'll get out of the way so those who are better informed can jump in. This will definitely take a while to cover.

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