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    What the *****?

    Event Date: 20-Sep-2004

    Posting Date: 30-Sep-2004

    10 days is a long frieking time to reverse a sale?? isn't it? what do others think? Also it was only for a ($62.72) order? that is wierd.

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    I have had them reverse up to 60 days later. If the merchant offers a 30-day money back guarantee, then all the backend admin work can always add extra days.

    Not to say it’s not a PITA, but I do understand why it happens.

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    And some merchants manage their time wisely by saving them all up to do all at once, rather than chasing around to do each one as they go along.

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    Many merchants will have just one person looking after their affiliate program. If he/she is away on vacation, nothing happens until they get back.

    Of course, the better merchants ensure that someone deals with these matters every day...
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