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    Today I received emails from visitors trying to purchase products through one of my CJ merchants. Apparently when they were trying to fill in their billing information and trying to check out they kept receiving the dreaded "Page Cannot Be Displayed" error page. I did a test purchase and had the same errors. I ended up having to hit the back button four times. No wonder people weren't buying anything! I contacted the merchant so I guess we will see...


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    I got a message from a would be customer saying s/he was trying to buy a recliner cover, but the link went to a plastic shoe rack. Which it did.

    I redid the link then told catalogue City about their mistake. Their response? Oh yeah our merchants often reuse link IDs for different products when they update their catalogues. What you have to do is check your links and search for the products by name and paste the link again. Its a small price to pay for access to our 350 000 products.

    Oh. Right. There I was wondering why they had an awesome $1 EPC on my site.

    To paraphrase someone "the mere removal of Catalogue City's links would make an excellent mall out of a site that didn't have a single link in it".


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    Oh, catalog city... I've had the same problem, more than once -- and I've only been using them for a month.

    But I have a supplier that is out of stock on a product that is doing very well on my site and catalog city is the only vendor I could find to replace them (and I went outside of cj looking).

    My epc with them is $13.95, but I check the link EVERY DAY, several times a day. As soon as the original vendor gets product in stock -- buh-bye catalog city. They're way too much work for 5%.

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