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    just form a corporation, if i just form a corporation and change id for a cj account will new payments
    be reflected with the new tax id and will the old one be reflected with the old tax id? Once I update the tax id
    is it usually instant that the other account will be reflected with new tax id?
    also, does cj allow multiple accounts, and also is it true if you open another cj account (assuming they allow it)
    the money on the other account will usually be put on hold longer than usual?

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    If you form a corporation, you have to look at the corporation as if it is a live person by itself. And if you want to suddenly un-form it, it won't go away overnight.

    With that in mind, is there any benefit at all to doing it?

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    You need to contact cj to change the tax id on an account. They change it pretty promptly.

    While you can change the bank info on the spot in your account manager, it takes a bit of time to become active. IOW, if you change it today, the automatic deposit may not go to your corporate account this month. YMMV.

    Have no idea about new accounts. Mine is a couple of years old.

    Used to be part of a different corporation which had three accounts. No real advantage to more than one account. I assume you're only thinking of the new account to completely separate your previous personal income from the new corporate income. You'd have to change all the PID's out on your sites if you want that income to go to the new corporate account. Easier to switch the account info on the existing account, IMO.

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    when you modify the Tax Id (SS#) to EIN, will future payments be reflected on the EIN? So If I change it now, my next payment on nov 20 (by check) will be reflected on EIN rather than SS#

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