Here's another to watch...

from email...
"...a very long list of web sites came up. Did you know that if I type in "loan consolidation", using the Netscape, or Explorer browser I could be immediately sent to YOUR WEB SITE! I would not get a long list of companies to choose from, I would be connected directly to your website! Our technology can do this for you. Type in pizza on your browser and you'll get the Pizza Hut Web Site. Type in the word, "car" and you'll get the Lexus web site. This is our technology at work! Would you like to explore the possibilities for your web site? If so, please call me before someone else gets the word or phrase that's best for your business!!

James Landrum
First Phrase
949-608-2887 (office)

I then emailed him and said that it did not work on my computers and here's his reply...

There might be an issue with your firewall. Go to our website,
WWW.FIRSTPHRASE.COM. On the right-hand side of the page you will see a
place to update your browser. It only takes about ten seconds. As with all
downloads, you will need to reboot. By the way, only one percent of the
population needs to download like this!

Maybe if one million people emailed him he would be too busy to push this crap!