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    Important Message To Our Merchant Partners - We Are Looking For Your Help

    Dear Retail Partner,

    Here's the latest in WURLD news...the BuyersPort Shopping Community has become one of the fastest growing ecommerce sites on the Web, serving millions of customers in 140 countries with two additional distribution partners promising 25 million new members to the shopping community in the beginning of next year. Due to the reach of BuyersPort's customer base, we are happy to announce, that our board has approved a significant capital investment and development of a division to be dedicated to our retail community.

    WURLD Media is designing the largest real-time customer management system for participating retailers on the Internet, the BuyersPort Retail Resource Center. The center will contain comprehensive consumer information, analysis of purchasing habits, and demographics for the entire BuyersPort Network. We are committed to provide the most valuable e-commerce platform for our merchant partners and are working to supply you with valuable information to assist you in deploying successful e-commerce initiatives and building valuable customers. Completion of the Resource Center is scheduled for the 1st quarter 2003 and we encourage any input from the merchant community during the development process.

    One of the provided links on the left displays a sample of our consumer rewards page that is scheduled for release in November. Shopping members will be able to view the rewards incentives they have earned with their online purchases and our retail partners will be prominently displayed, offering additional loyalty and goodwill between you, the retailer, and the BuyersPort Shopping Community. Again, we encourage your participation in the development of your Resource Center.


    Stephen Kerber
    Affiliate Department Manager
    WURLD media, inc.(tm)


    The secret of success is constancy of purpose. ~ Disraeli

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    Important message to my merchants:

    They are scum, scum of the earth.

    If you lay down with dogs,
    you are going to come up with fleas.

    You decide, do you want your company's good name to be associated with scum or not?

    And just remember this, not a threat, a promise.
    I too have a voice.

    I am the voice of middle America, the voice of a mad consumer.

    I WILL make my voice heard, to each and every person I know and they in turn will tell others.

    I WILL make my voice heard in every legal way open to me to state my opinion on your company and how you do business.

    Do NOT underestimte the POWER of the PEOPLE.


    she was tired of being poor, and she wasn't into selling door to door.... CSN

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