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    As this post clearly shows

    It has turned to appeasment. So we will learn that sometimes when our comissions are taken - it is for our own good?

    Shawn still cannot get the most basic of ideas. If I drop OS, I am not boycotting them - I am merely choosing a merchant who will not allow someone else to occasionally take my comission money. Why would I promote someone who guarantees me less money? Can someone explain this to me, maybe I am the dense one.

    I have merchant a. They do not allow wurldmedia in. Period, "clean or not". SOmeone comes to my site, and then clicks a link to purchase something, I get my comission.

    Merchant b does allow wurldmedia. Oh but they are clean!. Someone comes to my site, then clicks a link to purchase something. I may or may not get my commission.

    Why would I choose merchant B? Can someone explain this to me? It seems simple to me, but people like shawn want to act like the issue is something else. And then I get the - lets work with wurldmedia junk so that all merchants will accept them.

    Am I a moron? Am I losing my mind? I just don't get this. And why asking someone to be ethical is so beyond them because the issue has to do with something technical is also lost on me.


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    I think we have all lost our minds for having supported these merchants for so long.

    Ultimately we all have to make the right decisions for our businesses. That's affiliates and merchants.

    We have a choice not to promote them, and they have a choice to accept whomever they like into their affiliate fold.

    Andy Williams

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    I think we have all lost our minds for having supported these merchants for so long.

    Chez Noir, I made that choice, it was hard, but I'm doing better, now. My stats are talking. We can all do, it. I'm doing better. I'm feeling better.

    It's not the big that eat the small... it's the fast that eat the slow. Jennings & Haughton

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    First of all I have no idea why this thread was started here!

    Secondly an industry standard is NOT "The beginning of the end - for affiliates" and if anyone thinks so then they are ridiculously wrong!

    For years the Web has been, as Stephen said, like the Wild, wild west! Affiliate union started with helping identify some much needed changes for merchants and contracts, then the Dupers and parasites came and then ABW started fighting ... now we are at a point in the industry wherein we will make another change for the betterment of the industry through productive communications and ethics!

    This is just another new beginning for the industry as it continues to go through it's growing pains.


    The secret of success is constancy of purpose. ~ Disraeli

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