I need some help. I will make this into three separate posts to help
make it easier to read (and perhaps understand).

I have a theme for my first affiliate venture. I have approx. 30
affiliate programs related to the overall theme. I have an extensive
list of related keywords.

You say, "What's your problem? Start coding."

I respond. Ok. But first I need to make sure that I understand a
couple of fundamentals. The site concept itself is the most
elusive, and important, at this stage.

After reading many of the posts here, I believe that there are
three major site concepts. The Mall Site. The Content Site. And,
the Sales Page.

I have a good understanding of the Mall Site. I think I know what
a Content Site is. I get knots in my knickers trying imagine the
Sales Page.

I understand, and agree with, the reasons why you folks are very
evasive when a newbie asks for an example of a site. I think I have
a way to get concrete answers without invading anyone's space.

In the two following posts I will simulate what I think is a Content
Site, and a Sales Page. You can then rip me up one side and down
the other.

After the ripping is done, maybe I, and others in a similar
situation, will have a better understanding of this part of our new
affiliate business.

Read on and get ripping.


"Just the facts, Ma'am"
Sgt. Joe Friday, Dragnet