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    Anybody got any good ideas for making a few dollars/pounds/yen on exit traffic from a content site?

    I have a content site (based on a computer game) that attracts a lot of visitors, but they don't seem to have a lot of money! Most visitors are from the UK and Europe, with some from Canada, US, and elsewhere.

    I've tried various related banners and exit pop-ups, but am really getting nowhere. I'm tempted to try some sort of pay per impression program, but don't want to get into bed with any dodgy dealers.

    Any ideas?

    I don't really want to close the site, but as I've earnt zero from it in the last 15 months, I'm not convinced it's worth the bandwidth cost unless I can earn a little bit from it.

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    Hi Useful,
    I'll tell you what I did in a similar situation that worked great. I joined trafficmultiplier. All you do is add a little code that creates a popunder so when your visitor leaves you get one credit. Then you can use all your credits to target precise markets essentially recycling useless traffic into cash. This is by far the best way for you to go with all that traffic. The targetting part is KEY... Check it out!


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    Affiliate programs that pay!

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