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    Can someone tell me how to send a Pm?

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    A couple ways. You can click the persons name in any post they've made or from the front page if they are logged onto the boards. Then click on "Invite xxx to a private topic" and make your post.

    Or you can go to My Space --> Contacts. Do a search for their user name, add them to your Contacts and then click the icon to the right of their name to start a Private Topic with them.

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    thanks - I thought I did it wrong - which I did

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    Thanks for the "sending PM" info. I tried several things like clicking on user names, searching for user names and then clicking,etc. But each time I got a message saying that I do not have a right to view profiles of members. Weird!

    Moderators should post this info as sticky, somewhere, so that newbies like me can get such info.

    Anyway, thanks.

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