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    What is COC?


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    Hi Huhu,

    COC is Code of Conduct.

    Hope that helps...


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    Unofficially, it means Crock of Crap.

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    The CoC authors appologised to those offended by it by passing out renewable "get out of jail free" cards.

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    The COC was formed as part of a collective effort and ultimate agreement made by Befree, Performics and Commission Junction.

    It is supposed to provide for "fair standards" that are intended to prevent theft and abuse concerning cookies being overwritten and commissions being stolen in the affiliate arena.

    Parasites were give 60 days to clean up their act when the initial agreement was made and published "I believe sometime last December".

    Well here we are - let me see It almost September and during this entire period, the parasites continue to overwrite our cookies and divert commisions and the COC has been unable to get it stopped and has refused to date to live up to the expectation that non conforming violaters would be kicked out of the network.

    How long is 90 days?... Thats why you'll see the reference to they get a continual "get out of jail free card" and it seems they dupped us and the real policy is - get caught - have 90 days to clean up - at which time or sometime they in between they are deemed "in complience" at which time they start theiving again until caught and then the process repeats itself.

    The low down and dirty parasites who most who use downloadable software to watch practically every move a user makes while they suft and then leaps in and overwrites a cookie when they see a merchants url in the browser that they partner with. This is the point where the parasite sends another click to the networks that causes a cookie "just written by the networks for a non parasitic affiliate" to be overswritten with the parasites id - hence any sale that is made the credit goes to the parasite.

    The networks know who the parasites are, the networks know that cookies are being overwritten yet, they drag their feet and allow rampant diversions to continue with no apparent fees, penalties, fines, or disbarment!

    Yes thats right - it's a solid effot by the networks to show you they really are a "trusted third party". - Un huh - Right!

    PeePee merchants with PooPoo policies allow our earnings to be flushed down the crapper.

    Why give parasites unlimited cookie durations and credit for sales where they divert our users and overwrite our cookies. PP merchants directly support what many consider unfair trade practices and thievery!

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    What is the progress since the famed meeting of November 7th, that Commission Junction has undertaken in it's enforcement of the COC in regards to merchants?

    Thanks for your reply in advance!

    Your favorite conspirator,


    wow I can post again....

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    What progress you ask?

    CJ didn't seem to think there was a problem in the first place. Nothing has really changed since then.

    When we spot a software app overwriting cookies, and document it, and complain about it, and report it to CJ like we're supposed to, and they do...


    They can't advise us of what steps have been taken, because that's a privacy issue. But the offender is still in the network in most instances afterwards, so apparently they did absolutely nothing about it, other than tell them "shame, shame, mustn't, mustn't get caught overwriting cookes..."

    The publishers that do this sort of thing are often among the networks top performers, since they take from everyone else, so the network really doesn't want to rock the boat too much with them. It's a farce.


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