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    Coming out of lurkdom and I have my first question. What is a data feed?

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    It is a datafile that contains item level product information, that allows you to recreate and entire or partial merchant's product catalog into a specialty website.

    For instance, if you were to download a datafeed from an online poster merchant, you could recreate their offering on your own website and hope to sell more product than you would by simply posting a banner on your site- particularly when the search engines index all the pages and you get good search engine placement.

    In the case of BettyMills, we have a bit over 29,000 items in our datafeed.

    If you have programming experience, you can work with the datafile to build your site, or you can buy a script or application that will essentially suck in all the data from the feed, and publish all the static HTML pages for you.

    Webmerge happens to be one of these programs.

    They have a forum on ABW, under Fourthworld.

    Also, scripts4yoursite and cusimano scripts are other solutions you might check out.

    If you go to the BettyMills forum on ABW we have a special deal going on with Webmerge at the moment.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!


    Victor Hanna
    The BettyMills Company
    BettyMills ABW Forum
    800-BettyMills (800-238-8964)

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    Thanks for explaining that to me Victor!

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