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    Here, I will let them rip.

    I just spontaneously deleted an online game that I always play, that takes up time. So now when I get home from work, I have 4-5 hours of reading and site building to do.

    1. I only have one, 1 page site that I am trying to promote. My Webhost that I use has a statistics page, but I do not get some of the stats. For one I only use adwords to promote the site. So when I go into the statistics page and look at which keywords brought people into my site it is weird.

    For instance, their will be a keyword in the list that I am not even bidding on. (All of my adowrds are exact match). Then it will show some of my keywords but they will have a low number of searches by them, when I know more people have clicked on my ad, after having typed in that specific term.

    So what I am looking for is some good stats software for newbies. I would like to see the keywords that people used to get my site. I would also like to see how many of the visitors are clicking through to the merchant, (this is very important, as it will tell me if the merchant is a non-converter, but it is highly ranked in Click Bank.

    2. Can how you send people to the merchants site affect sales that much? For instance I am sending people to my merchants site from my 1 page site. This site is mostly sales and maybe a little presell. I tried totally presell before, but no one bought. So I thought I would amp it up a little, and try and hard sell the customer to click-through. But I heard that if you hard sell a customer, then he reaches the merchants site and the merchant hard sells the customer, it can confuse the customer.

    Those are the persistant questions on my mind right now. I know you guys can help.



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    My site is

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