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    I`m new to affiliate marketing and I have a few questions.

    1. Can I use redirects for affiliate links to prevent PR leakage, for example redirect.php&id=1 and then in redirect.php header ("Location: hxxp://affiliate-link")?

    2. Do merchants often drop products from their datafeeds? For example when you create aff. site with 30000 items from datafeed and you create URL`s with mod_rewrite like: Product_Name.html, how do you handle SE 404 if some products are dropped from datafeed and you have those pages indexed in SE? Do you redirect them to index page?

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    1. You can, it will give a 302 code to the SE's meaning it's a redirect. Best to make a folder ie. "link" so you can link to /link/redirect.php?id=x and disallow /link in robots.txt.

    2. I redirect them to the index page.

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