I'm not new to affiliate marketing in general. I started out with porn, was unsuccessful because I didn't know much about marketing at the time, but was successful with rx. With rx, everything was private label sites and I could change prices and I just advertised those on PPC.

I know nothing of SEO, other than what it stands for and the very basics.

For these programs that are selling like clothes, candles, sporting goods, etc....is it better to get some PPC ads and have them go right to the sponsor, or is it better to have a content based site and try to get people to click on banners there?

I have a dedicated server for other reasons, so that's not a problem with making multiple sites. I am just wondering what most people here do- what is a more successful approach? Is making a site even necccessary, if I'm just sending them off to one sponsor (and with multiple sponsors, should I just do multiple PPC links)?

I find SEO very complicated, but I have some money to invest in this and would like to expand my horizons beyond rx.

And btw, how much shaving (that's skimming off the top of commissions btw, seems to be a bigger deal on other boards than it is here compared to parasites) goes in in CJ/LS programs? Depends on the sponsor of course, but in general? Thanks.