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    I am the ultimate noob to affiliate marketing. I know the basics like how it works, what i need, and what companies are involved. I know a few of the do's and don'ts of the industry and i think with the right tools and know how, i could make a good site. However, I have only basic knowledge of html and no knowledge whatsoever of mysql, php, etc. I've been lurking on this forum for a while so I know a few of the fancier things people use and i've reviewed hundreds of member websites to see which ones appeal to me as a 'prospective buyer' so I feel like i know what i want to create. Also, I'm willing to do as much research as is required before even beginning to code.

    My problem is where to start. the amount of information on this site is almost overwhelming and it makes me feel like I need to do more research to make sure that i'm not out of my league here. My goal is to create a website that will come out even. Basically a starter website that will be able to pay for its own hosting. I don't think that's too much to ask.

    What I need is step-by-step instructions on what I should do before I even start developing a website. For instance, I need a host, i need a domain name, I need a way to develop a website. Would you recommend researching and learning html and any other languages first? Should I stick to a simple website designer first? Would learning dreamweaver be worth it? What should my budget be? Am I out of my league?

    Anything and everything you have to say is much appreciated.

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    Im pretty new to affil marketing, but I do have somewhat a grasp on html, and some basic java,

    This would be my step by step.

    1)At the very least, Learn Html..You can have others code for you, but in doing that, when something goes wrong, you would have to rely on the diagnosis from (more often than not) Biased parties.
    Its best that you learn html so that you can fully understand whats going on with your site, and whats going on in discussions here.

    2)Draw out your web design on a simple sheet of paper, or purchase a template (there are many great template warehouses on the web).

    3) Get a web host that gives you at least 10 sql databases to use, (even if you dont know sql, its good to have on hand, especially if your really serious about this venture)

    4)Discover what your Niche is (IE: what do you want to sell, what will make you different from the millions of other sites out there?) and run with it. And research affiliate networks and find out which have vendors that will suit your purpose. and start building up a good plan and strategy.

    5) You can start out without investing much money (simple hosting fees and thats it) but you will sooner or later want to invest in more aggressive marketing tactis. like ad-words or overture. so take that into consideration.

    6) learn and stay updated with SE guidelines. find out what their peeves are (THis site will keep you informed) and avoid those peeves (which is where the importance of learning HTML comes in, like I have found that SE's dont like 1x1 pix gifs, so many of the linking codes I have on my site have to be edited to remove those links (over 800 products.. lots of editin to do)

    this is what i would go by, I am currently re-designing my page in order to get higher SE ranking and thus more visits which in turn will hopefully bring me in some revenue. SO just make SEO your main goal, and the rest should fall into place.

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