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    Hi all,

    We're building a small collection of family oriented sites, ie - pets, garden, hobby, etc. My question is this: Are we better off building all of our sites on their own domains, or can we do what we're doing now?

    Right now we have - our hub - our pet site - our hobby site - our garden site etc...

    will the search engines treat these as seperate sites? Our page rank varies from 0 to 4. we have adsense running on all of our pages, so we know google has been there and found relative content, 'cause the ads are all relevant. However, only 3 of our 8 sites are indexed by google. Any ideas on why the other sites aren't appearing at all? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    The Archivist

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    January 18th, 2005

    I am glad you have asked this question, as I was wondering the same thing myself. Now let's hope someone will repsond!


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    I always understood that with sub-domains Google see's them as separate sites.

    So long as you have plain HTML links to each sub-domain google should eventually pick up all pages, though it can take a few months to get every page indexed.

    Many large merchants use sub-domains, for one thing...the customer can see that they have not left the site and feel safe that everything is the same... i.e. No offensive material, no pop-ups etc...same standard of customer service.

    Also it generates a 'brand' loyalty.

    Malc -

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