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    When we talk about an affiliate site, are we talking about a site made up of links to merchant sites for every item on the site? Also i have seen the expression a page a day keeps the bill collectors a way. What does this mean? Building pages? Does it mean another page on another site? Another page on an existing site? Or just another page of links to merchant sites?
    Thanks for all the help!

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    Hey Sam,

    I would think an 'affiliate site' to be what you said. A site with links to a merchant's site. On a less likely end, a merchant site can also be an affiliate site. This is not liekly but is technically still possible. For that matter, I guess an affiliate site can also be a merchant site.

    As for building pages, it can be any of the ones you mentioned. I would suggest diversifying your pages so you promote more than 1 big merchant such as let's say. Helps with diminishing the seasonal and varying niche dips. Just rememebr to build 'smart' pages with good content and keyword phrases.

    Good luck!

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    Hello Sam, Ian @ is correct. there are a million ways to have a affiliate site. But make sure you have variety. meaning.. Winter programs, Summer programs, Spring, programs and Fall programs. So you have a study flow of sales and stuff. Also remember it's more then selling merchandise, Have other related content.

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