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    Hi Group. Im new around here so please bear with me as I learn from all of you. First of all I am grateful to find abw. I have learned a lot from all of the posts here. Well worth my time. Has anyone heard about National Grants Conferance. These people go around the country holding seminars on teaching people how to get money from the government. Well yesterday I went to one. A total waste of time. However at the end of the seminar they began to talk about affiliate marketing and makeing money on the internet. Their proposition was that for $130.00 you could go to another seminar and professional affiliate marketers would teach you everything about affiliate marketing. Including, seo, web design, and meta tags etc. They would also sign you up for a number of affiliate programs.

    I was livid! What I have been working so hard for was being given away so casually to so many people. My question to the more experienced members is this: Do programs and seminars like this threaten our profession? Should I have siged up(by the way I didnt)? Wiil a person who attends a seminar like this be able to compete with seasoned pros like many of the people on this forum.
    Well I appreciate your consideration. I am sorry for such a long post.
    Sam Wilson88

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    Don't sweat it.

    I haven't heard of this group (I'm not in the US anyway).

    But. No-one is going to teach you web design in a day (and I'm assuming for $130 it's one day).

    No-one is going to teach you SEO in a day.

    No, I don't believe anyone will be able to compete on any level on the basis of this seminar.

    Yes, it might inspire an occasional attendant to go on and do their homework and actually learn about the business properly... but they will be a minority, and if they are driven enough to do that they probably would have found AM anyway.

    The only thing I think will result will be a few more non-competitive sites.

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    far far away....

    I agree with UM, dont worry..

    Most people (99.9%) who go to these type of seminars... will do nothing...

    IT'S A great way for the seminar producer to make a pile of money with no risk...

    that's my2cents, 'cuz I'm a legend in my own mind....

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    Thanks Ulterior and Two Cents! However I do have one more question. What do you learn here(and by the way I have learned a ton here) that you dont learn from the seminar. In other words with just a little effort how is it that abw is so much better than those $130.00 a day guys? I hope my question is not confusing. Thanks for putting up with me.

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    Hi samwilson88,

    From the merchant perspective seminars like this are usually complete garbage. One tactic that is popular (judging by the number of applications I see in my program) is to buy an affiliate site someone else built. As you can imagine, all the sites for sale are clones of each other and none get any real traffic.

    I don't know anyone who's gotten ahead in this game without putting serious time and effort into it.
    Brook Schaaf
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    Hello Sam, I agree Affilate Seminars which want you to pay $100 or any amount or have thousands of marketing material for sale are useless. Do not waste your time. All they want is your Money. Good luck and don't give up!

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    Well I guess they are like those real estate guys, they think they can make more money telling you how to do it, then actually doing it.

    Has anyone ever seen the Internet Treasure Chest infomercial? You can get rich selling their products ya know.

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