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    January 18th, 2005
    I've been playing the affiliate game for about a year now but only really started seeing profits around last July. Since then it has been growing greatly and I'm considering doing it full time.
    My problem is since it's hard for me to know how steady it will be because I haven't been at it that long. I know I saw about a 3x bump in the last few weeks that seems to have died off over the last few days, but what I don't know is if there are slow times throughout the year.
    I sell all kinds of non-seasonal merchandise from a variety of affiliate programs. Other than Christmas time, do you experience steady sales throughout the year or are some months busier than others?

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    January 18th, 2005
    same pattern every year.

    Before christmas sales jump up. After every one has bought their presents and it is too late to buy online and get them shipped on time, sales drop drastically.

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    January 18th, 2005
    I should of clarified. I'm aware that the 3x bump the last few weeks is due to Christmas and the sudden drop off is due to not enough time to ship. What I'm asking is can I expect my sales rate for Jan-Oct to be steady each month or are there other busy/slow times throughout the year?

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    It really depends on what you are selling!

    If you sell gifts then you will have a number of blips in the year (Xmas, Valentines, Easter, etc)

    SKi gear will be late summer throught o about April

    Bikini sale probably best in the spring and early summer.

    Also it will depend on the geography in which you trade. It's winter here in the UK but summer in Australia.

    The best policy is to build a series of sites which will have individual peaks and troughs but together will provide a steady income to begin with. Then you can consentrate on building one or two authority sites in which you dominate a market sector.

    Hope this helps


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