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    There is nothing worse than these examples: (If You're really a newbie here. )

    You get to ABW and start to browse the forums............

    There will be times when you will get confuse about some of the posts you see around here regarding some merchants. Yes, even me, an ABW veteran sometimes get confuse about the way some members posts what they feel about a particular merchant or network, so do your own investigation before you take anybody's post as a definitely truth about a merchant or network worthiness.

    You might find a thread where somebody is bashing a merchant or a network and then a few more posters agreeing with the thread started but, then you will see some members praising that merchant or a network and saying that they have no problem with them or that they're a good converter.

    Or you might find a thread where somebody is praising a merchant or a network and then a few more posters bashing them because they sucks for one reason or another.

    Just ask any question but, remember this:

    Read the all the answers to your questions but, use your own judgement before you jump to a conclusion because of a few replies to your newbie question about affiliate marketing.

    Here you will find many of us that even if you can become one of our competition, we're willing to help you get started but, here you will also find some greedy members that will never try to help any new member and worse than that, they are willing to send you in the wrong direction so you would not get on their way of earning more for themselves.

    Also, be very careful of any help from some of the super affiliates, since most of the super affiliates work with parasites and they got nothing to lose by teaching you a few tricks of the trade, since no mater what, they always are stealing our commission and have nothing to lose. (except their ethics and soul) (f..k those super as..... )

    Note: If you're a newbie, don't trust anyone around here, not even me if you like, but keep on reading all the forums on ABW and sooner or later you will find that all you need to know it's buried somewhere on these forums.

    Good Luck.


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    Another factor that contributes to the differences in results is that different merchants perform differently on different sites. A merchant that might not generate sales on my site might generate tons of sales on your site, and vice versa.

    There are a variety of techniques for promoting affiliate programs. Most work, but they work differently.

    I have to disagree with Sal's comment about most super affiliates (typically defined as affiliates earning $10k+ per month) working with parasites. Most super affiliates aren't parasitic. Especially here on ABW.

    Keep in mind that you have a wide variety of affiliates here. Some are newbies. Many have been struggling to get affiliate marketing working for them for years. A few are highly successful. Often, the struggling ones are the most vocal, but they aren't necessarily the best ones to listen to.

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    I just throw them all up, give them all a try and let my site visitors decide which ones are the best. Of course i use everything the merchant gives me to help in getting conversions/sales. Deals, coupons, promotions whatever. Sometimes my worst merchants are ones i thought would do great and my best ones are the ones i thought would suck. Throw em up, experiment. If you find some that work month in/month out, push them the hardest.

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    It's your site, your visitors
    Last year I had one product on my site that was on fire. It was paying all my bills and I don't believe I went even one day without several sales.

    Then I find out that the product had been discontinued due to it not selling well. Not selling well? If I was cranking out constant sales with my little site I assumed that everyone had to be.

    Called the company and found out that there were just a small handful of us doing well with it so they closed up shop.

    I have since not found any product with the 10th of the pulling power, yet others had no luck with it.

    You'll never know what will work for you until you give it a chance

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    Westgroup - have you tried looking at Amazon for that product? You might get lucky and they might have it. Also, maybe the merchant would work out a special deal with you - it couldn't hurt to ask! (or see if you can find a dropshipper)

    Good Luck!!

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    Sal - I've never had a "super affiliate" steer me the wrong way. And I have learned a lot from them. While they might not tell you everything or comment on a merchant or product that is doing well - they can and have shared a lot of great info. What you do with it and how you go on to learn from there, is up to the individual.

    Most people will help but no one wants to spoon feed a person who is too lazy to do it for themselves.

    I am not going to give anyone a list of my best merchants - but the thing is, my list would probably be totally different from anyone else. What works on one site won't on another for a variety of reasons.

    My best advice - try 'em all out and find out what works best for you! (and if you find a blockbuster, durn sure don't mention it here or everyone and their dog will jump on it and your sales will go down! )


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    Mr. Sal:

    I'm a relative newbie looking to start and manage an affiliate program for a client.

    I'm also looking for an SEO expert to partner up with for the same client.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.



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    good reading
    now I did like this thread.
    I wonder what will happen when I announce my program ???


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