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    January 17th, 2005
    just got this email from cj and i was surprised to find that nobody here has already commented about these new features

    at first i thought that this would be a good thing but when i looked i discovered that it is absolutely no use to me whatsoever since i have more than one website and it only allows multiple choice answers for one website, there isnt even a textarea which would at least allow some sort of comment
    it may probably useful in helping cj accumulate some useless statistics

    Advertiser Status
    this is a fantastic addition to your affiliate arsenal!
    not only can you see links that are invalid, and i hope this feature will not be a drain on cj's database, but there is also a list of temporarily deactivated merchants, i had 26, there is the option of dropping the deactivated merchants and i now have 26 advertisers that are permanently deactivated from my websites

    i still cant drop advertisers that rejected me though, whats the point of having a "drop advertiser" button on the "rejected applications" page?

    personal advice
    its yet to be seen if this will be any use, its best use will probably in helping newbies find their way around but a better use would be for merchants, ie.."your program is under observation by the cj fraud team", that would be best possible thing for merchants to see when they login
    it would be great if the advice really is personal and not just standardised cut & paste material

    team cj

    All in all, the only new features that i would like to see at is a zero tolerance regarding reversals and for batched sales to show up in reports like normal transactions do

    i just noticed this in the email too...
    "Highest single commission paid to a publisher - USD$8,243"
    Phew, i wonder how many times that particular affiliate had to bend over and get shagged to finally get that :eek:

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    January 17th, 2005
    What category do you think it came from? jewelry?

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    well, you could probably work it out through the process of elimination, it almost certainly wont have been from the useless software or jobs catagories for example

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