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    Just arrived in my cj mail:


    Dear Publisher :

    With the busy holiday months of November, December, and January ahead, there has never been a better time to be part of the eBay Affiliate Program because on November 1st, we are raising affiliate commission rates and re-opening the Affiliate Program:

    New eBay Affiliate Commission Rates!

    You can now earn more with the eBay Affiliate Program: As of November 1st, eBay affiliates will earn $12.00 - $30.00 for each ACRU - signifying our most aggressive commission structure yet and a huge increase in our affiliates' earnings potential. This is a great opportunity to grow your affiliate business, increase eBay promotions, try new business models, and drive greater profits:
    New Structure Monthly ACRUs
    1-249 $12.00
    250-499 $16.00
    500-999 $20.00
    1,000-1,999 $24.00
    2,000-4,999 $26.00
    5,000-9,999 $28.00
    10,000+ $30.00

    Note: Bid & BIN tiers and rates are unchanged
    Complete details will be posted on after November 1, 2004.

    New Terms & Conditions As of November 1st, eBay will be updating our Terms and Conditions.

    These Terms will apply in addition to the terms of the Commission Junction Publisher Service Agreement. We urge you to read the new Terms closely and completely, as we have introduced several substantial new points.

    Note: You will *not* need to login and accept the terms as they are now automatically pushed. In addition to other changes, the following are of particular note:

    - New guidelines and restrictions regarding the use of adware and other downloadable software.
    - New requirement to submit any and all loyalty / incentive programs to CJ for explicit approval
    - Addition of "PayPal" and "" (and variations thereof) to the eBay trademark list

    ---------- The Affiliate Program is Back!

    Set to launch on November 1st, the Affiliate Program will be run through Commission Junction and will pay affiliates for new buyers. As a affiliate, your site visitors will find great deals on millions of books, CDs, DVDs, video games, computers and more. Join on November 1st and earn up to $9.00 for each confirmed new buyer:
    0-99 $5.00 per
    100-999 $7.00 per
    1,000-2,999 $8.00 per
    3,000+ $9.00 per

    Note: The commission rate associated with your monthly performance tier applies to all of your month's new buyers. For instance, by driving 500 new buyers in a given month, you receive $7.00 for all 500.

    Register at and take advantage of of the brand, its product breadth and great deals. Fresh banners, logos and links will also be available on Note: affiliates cannot register for the program until November 1st.

    The eBay Affiliate Program welcomes your feedback. You can reach us by email at, or please contact Commission Junction client services using the Support drop down "Ask a Question" tool in your Account Manager on Commission Junction.

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    Just saw the first $12 registration for the month

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