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    When we first started our lil site we were using alot of CJ merchants. Since we were getting very little traffic, we were also getting no sales. So CJ dropped us and it was a nitemare taking all our CJ merchant links out.

    What is the time frame when CJ drops affiliates for no activity. Or is there a $$$ amount required to keep account active. Also is CJ the only one to do this? At least SAS, Performics and LS has hung in with us while we are trying to get on our feet.

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    I think 6 months for CJ.

    "So CJ dropped us and it was a nitemare taking all our CJ merchant links out."

    I would hope there is a policy that an affiliate could just contact CJ and get reactivated instead of pulling links and signing up again. That should be an option. I know a lot of affiliates start up then quit. The affiliate taking the time to contact CJ shows there is interest so should be reactivated. Nowadays it takes a little longer for SE's to grab new sites.

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