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    Taken today. I would have posted this in the OS, but at the time the threads were locked. So I did email it as request. Mute point I suppose, since it the forum was gone less than 15 minutes later. Absolutely no relation.

    The first video shows shows an auto redirect on an Overstock co-branded store. I was going to reference an earlier post of Shawn's when the co-branded stores were launched and they were being promoted to the community, where one of the selling points were the co-branded being parasite proof. Guess this proves......NOT!!!!!

    Hope all ABW'ers in the copbranded are meeting that monthly minimum charge without difficulty. For those you might not be sure, I'm being serious with that statement and not sacrastic. The converse for an earlier post.

    Don't forget to hit alt + enter to get windows media to do a full screen for you.

    overwrite video

    This video shows what happens when I turn the SAHS application off and go to the same URL

    NO paasite in action!

    It's Your Money. You earned it. What are you going to do to make sure you get to keep it?

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    Have you sent this to Linkshare per Sarah's request at

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    f'n crooks!

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