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    As you may or may not know I've been in active discussions with Marc Braunstein and his dev team about their compliance since I first saw some non compliance. Walking through the program, how it works and what it needs to be done to remain in compliance, we have (collectively) determined a few issues on the user side and I, happily, have identified SAHS' determination to be in compliance.

    Many hours were spent to say that v3.1 is NOW in compliance according to our testing, this doesn't mean that they will always be 100% in compliance but with some of the safeguards they have built in (with our help) they very well could be.

    On and end user's side ... we've seen a vram overload and they are working on that as well.

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    We had terminated ShopAtHome from our affiliate program as part of our policy of removing all parasiteware from our site, and since I have taken over the program of Jerry Hazell, I have received repeated calls from a represntative at ShopAtHome telling me that they are in compliance. Do you or anyone else have any further news on this, and can you recommend that I reinstate them back in our program?


    Brett Couric
    Affiliate Manager

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    Brett, I have no news but will only say this:

    It has been my experience that these kind of people will say anything. Time and time again we have gotten promises only to find the parasites doing something else that is bad.

    Frankly I am tired of their promises - these Leopards just do not change their spots.

    So, I would not trust any of them.


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    I just wanted to add a note that Haiko sent me Via PM during a discussion, and that is that SAHS/GRS are no longer in compliance, funny enough they stopped just before Christmas it would appear.

    Anyone with movies please send them to me



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    Chris you'll see Haiko has been smoozed by these BHO wanks time after time as if he has any control over their activities. He just likes to be considered a force in this industry for network meeting status. The member's collective voice at ABW are the only force the merchant, AM or network management cannot ignor.

    Without our bringing up the issues and forcing the battles ABW would be a Ghost town. When was the last time Haiko participated over the ongoing battle to OUT and end the practice of the hidden cookie stuffers???

    He volunteered, under duress and baiting by me and Poon, to allow ABW the actual OUTING of specific cookie stuffers (merchants & affiliates) two weeks ago. Where's the ABW "Hall of Shame" or affiliate worse practices section?

    After 2 years of beating the BHO's horse to death, we know the networks refuse to give up their revenue share of their preferred commission thieves. At the same time Ad-aware and others are whacking them as endusers hate their inferal cookie stealing popups. Now we find the affiliates and merchants using the poorman's BHO tactics steal an even greater share of legit affiliates commissions then the BHO perps.

    Get with the program Haiko and strike while the media is in a feeding frenzie over affiliate related abuses ...spammers...Identity theft...Privacy info peddling... plisher merchant sites.. illegal pill pushers...casinos...BHO's.. internet con men. Each has a place entrenched within this industry. The real merchant management have to be spurred into action and the few who post here daily can give a rats ass about stepping on the toes of your 11,000 lurkers.

    Mike & Charlie ...

    "Payment is one option that isn't negotiable. Merchants require it for purchases ...SO DO WE."

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    You simply cannot trust a company that depends on the efforts of others for their income. These software publishers do nothing but intercept and overwrite other affiliate cookies.

    Why would you want a publisher that steals from other publishers in your program? All of them seem to have software bugs that allow overwriting of cookies, even though they *say* they are in compliance. These bugs usually occur during high traffic/purchase periods.

    You cannot trust them, they go in and out of compliance like most people blink their eyelids. TELL THEM NO!


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