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    Having just read Ben Edelman's post on cookie stuffing, I thought I would share some results from research I've done into the adverts launched via 180 solutions - research that was also triggerd by Ben's ealier articles.

    Following on from another UK network (TradeDoubler) finally announcing they had removed 180 solutions, which brought them inline with all the other UK networks (including CJ), I decided to have a look at current popups being launched via 180 solutions to see how well they were managing this.

    I collected details of 1401 domains of UK merchants with affiliate programs and used this to find trigger keywords used by 180 that matched these domains. Then I found the advertising URLs that were triggered by these keywords.

    I believe it is not allowed to post any affiliate details here, so I will link to a post at A4Uforums that includes a spreadsheet containing the merchant's domain, the keyword used to trigger the adverts and the URL shown in popup: -

    Any investigation into the popup URLs shown will show that the majority are by affiliates that appear to be independent of 180 solutions and who's urls either redirect to an affiliate link to the merchant, or result in a frame or iframe being created with it's source set to an affiliate link. The post following the one linked to above gives an example of an affiliate that is using this technique to force a CJ cookie to be set. This affiliate specifically targets pages towards the end of the order process, so as they ensure they set the last cookie.

    I only do a noticable amount of business with one CJ merchant, totesport, and I've had to inform them of 4 separate CJ PID's that were using 180 to popup over their site, 3 of which were setting a CJ cookie.

    If Todd Crawford wouldn't mind answering them, the questions I'm asking of all the networks I work with, and suggesting merchats ask the same, are: -
    Why haven't you spotted these affiliates using unethical tactics - at a minimum forcing cookies to be set?
    What are you going to do about the affiliates that are shown to be using these tactics?
    What are you going to do to detect other, and future, affiliates using unethical tactics, not just limited to using adware to interfere with merchant's sites, but also other methods to force cookies to be set?

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    This is a perfect example of an area where CJ really should - actually MUST - get involved to protect merchants and publishers alike.

    I expired 1-800 solutions, so another affiliate links up with them to do exactly what I don't want 1-800 solutions doing!!!

    There's no reference in the "Special Incentives" section, no information AT ALL about what this publisher is doing. How am I supposed to police this? The site looks reasonable... and yet this other "tactic" is not even referenced - anywhere on their profile.

    If they're squatting on my site, or on my cart, then that is not a legit click.

    And yet, CJ - this mega-corporation whose sole responsibility is creating and managing an Affiliate Network System, can't figure out how - or can't be bothered - to stand up for their own members??????

    This can't continue... Todd, please tell me CJ is working on things to fix this issue... fast.

    I'm getting tired of paying people for sales when they don't deserve it. And I know publishers are tired of net getting paid for sales they deserve. It's your job to figure it out..... please do so.



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    Contact Kellie
    She found 2 offshore MFs [not our affilaites] that targeted BDS
    We took action.

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