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    Hi All,

    Happy to have found the forums. You seem like a close knit, fun group and I anticipate spending many hours here every week.

    I'm also a newbie when it comes to this affiliate stuff that is talked about much here so anyone who is willing to chat more about it in e-mail please contact me.

    On to my question:

    I'm trying to get a 4 to 5 level hierarchy site going and here is a sample of the 'unique extremes' of my product database in a much smaller version: (i think you all call it a datafeed?)

    Here is how I want my pages laid out:

    WM makes Product Index page with links to the ROOTCAT fields. In my example, I click on <Camcorders> and am brought to a page that shows me the HT-NC22 and HT-NC templated to my liking, and they link to their respective detail pages. BELOW the 2 camcorders on the same page I need to go deeper into the hierarchy as there is 3 more levels of hierarchy under camcorders. Below the 2 camcorders should be an <accessories> and <VHS-C> link set to my template liking.

    When I click on Accessories it will bring a page with a link to the PV-DRC9 detail page and below that links to <Cases> and <Lenses> and <Microphones> categories..

    Clicking on Cases brings the DC-93 and a link to its detail page and clicking on Lenses brings up the KNT-20 and a link to its detail page..

    Clicking on Microphones from the accessories.html page brings up Wired and Wireless links with no product page links as there are none that fall right on top of the microphones subcat. I think you all get the point by now. lol.

    I understand the part of making separate settings files for building the hierarchies but I do not see how to tell WebMerge to put detail links AND category links on the same page when deemed necessary by my datafeed... I hope this makes sense as even I am starting to get confused... I'm no database programmer, thats why I found webmerge trial a few nights ago!!

    Also, buy_online and Stanley please feel free to e-mail me too as you both seemed to know all about these topics in earlier discussions. Any example datafeeds or anything that can help me learn more is appreciated.

    G'night and thanks all!!!

    -Mike / 'MacGyver'
    E-mail: Hummer_ [at] without the underscore

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    WebMerge will link to a detail page automatically if you DO NOT include 'no link' in the field. You also may need to setup a details page.

    Why am I wasting my time doing this???

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    Ok Thanks. My main concern more or less is wanting to know if all of my requests are possible in the current version of WM.

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