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    January 17th, 2005
    Hi ... I spent some time with the help and tutorial and I can't immediately figure out if WM will easily build a group of index pages (store sections, in my case) containing links to detail pages (items) from an export file with category variables in the format:

    index1 item1
    index1 item2
    index1 item3
    index2 item1
    index2 item2
    index2 item3

    If such a file is uploaded to Yahoo Store, it will build two section pages (index1 and 2) with three items each. I need to replicate this process outside of Yahoo Store.

    Can WM pull this off easily? By which I mean, by processing one export file, and not requiring me to break my file down into multiple category export files?

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    January 17th, 2005
    If I understand you...
    You definitely only need one data file.
    Make a different Settings file for each store - Use WM-Record along with WM-If to include only the items pertaining to that store.
    For the bottom tier (details of the items)-Only one settings file needed, because these pages can all go to one folder.

    Set WebMerge to run all the Settings files at once, from the data file. It's cool to watch.
    Hope I understood what you meant. Maybe I didn't.

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