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    January 18th, 2005
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    Well folks, it's Friday today and I come to you once more bearing great news (as I always try to do).

    Because our Affiliate partners may have missed out on sales last Sunday as a result of broken links, we're giving you all an extra day to push your entries out and try your hand at winning up to $1000 cash (see earlier messages sent via CJ mail and posted around ABW for details)!!

    With so few days left to get your entries in, it's officially crunch time.

    Instead of closing Saturday, November 6th as previously announced,

    the contest now includes sales made on Sunday, November 7th

    to help you get the most out of this weekend's pre-xmas shoppers. Put an extra push on your sales this weekend and really reap the rewards!

    Once more, contest entries will be counted based on your number of sales made during the months of October and November up to and including November 7th. Winners will be selected from the contest entries by a trusted, professional, third-party source, and announced in the launch of our soon-to-come Rugman Connection e-newsletter - a publication sent via CJ mail, and written ABOUT our Affiliates, FOR our Affiliates.

    Expect the launch of The Rugman Connection by mid-November. It will be sent via CJ mail to your CJ mail address and will include our winner details, so keep your eyes peeled! We're very excited to reveal the winners, and hope you are too!

    As always, please contact me if you need anything at all. I will be available throughout parts of the weekend via CJ mail/ABW PM and back in the office on Monday.

    Best regards to all,

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    January 18th, 2005
    Toronto, Ont, Canada
    Hi everyone -

    Hope you're all enjoying your weekend thus far.

    Please accept your new offer of IMPROVED program terms ASAP (if not done already) in order to reactivate your partnership with us under the new and improved terms including your new and improved 120 day cookie with unlimited return days(as outlined in communication sent November 2nd)!

    I believe (and please correct me if I'm wrong) that your links may be inactive during the time that the new offer sits pending before it is either accepted by you or goes into effect on its own.

    Please be advised that if you do not accept these new terms on your own, it will automatically take effect but not until Monday, November 8th - by which time the Holiday Kickoff contest will have closed.

    I want you all to have the chance to get the most out of this weekend's sales buzz and take advantage of the final contest wrap up here so please visit your pending offers section in CJ now if you have not yet done so this week in order to accept your new terms.

    Please contact me if you have any questions on this matter and beyond that, have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

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