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    I am using table creation with WM-Record to create a 3 x 8 table of item images and descriptions (see code below).

    This generally works great. However, every once in a while, the third (or sometimes data for the second and third) image/description will be bumped from the first row into the second row of the table.

    Has anyone else experienced this and identified the cause or workaround for this problem?

    I am, by the way, using WebMerge 2.3.



    [WM-RECORD cols=3 width=800]
    <font size="2">
    [WM-FIELD: DESCRIPTION] </font></blockquote></center><br>

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    Hi, Frank:

    I'm guessing here:

    It *might* be, if you're using a tab-delimited (.txt) datafeed format to feed WM, that some fields have a tab character within the text itself.

    I've seen that in datafeeds before, and it can create very odd problems -- it scrambles your apparent column values.

    -- Mike

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