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    Just started using WebMerge - and I've more or less got the hang of it - but one thing I am trying to figure out regards modifying datafeeds.

    For example ...

    I wish to add an extra column field to a feed - to help me customize things slightly - that's no problem - but I can't quite figure out how to manage things when I get a fresh feed from the merchant.

    You would have the old feed that you have modified - maybe you have edited some existing data - or added a completely new column.

    Then a new feed arrives - which has the latest products and prices etc - but of course, it doesn't have the 'modifications' you have added.

    So how would you import your modifications into the new feed?

    This is not really a WebMerge question - it's an Excel question!

    I'm experimenting with the 'import text files' feature in excel - which I think is the function to use - but if anyone has any tips for someone who knows nothing about excel I would be grateful!

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    I don’t think that there is an easy way to do this, but I am not really an Excel expert.

    I believe that the proper way to do this would be to import your datasets (new and modified) into a database program so that you can create a unique primary index for each dataset. The “PRODUCTID” should serve this purpose. You can then perform a query or merge of the two databases using that index to update the records in the new data feed with the additional columns and information from your modified dataset.

    However, there is also a fairly simple workaround that you can use within Excel IF the number of records is not significantly different between the old and new datafeed (in other words the number of records and the PRODUCT IDs in the new datafeed have not changed much.)

    Here is how I would do it.

    1) Sort both Excel files (the new datafeed and your modified datafeed) by “SKU” or “PRODUCTID”.

    2) Copy the columns of modified data (including the PRODUCTID column) from your modified file and paste them as new columns into the new datafeed. Try to put the two PRODUCTID columns side by side. You can do this by inserting new columns.

    3) Scroll through the document page by page comparing the two PRODUCTID columns at the bottom of each screen, When you see two PRODUCTIDs that don’t match this means that a product that has been deleted or added in the new datafeed.

    4) When you find this kind of mismatch, use the cut and paste function within Excel to realign and match the PRODUCTIDs (and the rest of the modified data).

    5) If new products were added in the new datafeed, you will end up with a few records for which you will have to complete the modified data.

    6) Once the data is modified to your satisfaction, then you can delete any extra columns so that the number and names of fields match the settings that you are using with WM.

    7) And backup your data along the way!



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    Thanks Baertracks

    The first option you described seems promising - I think this is something I could possibly do in Access.

    I don't think the longer method is going to be practical for me - some feeds can have thousands of records - and even the smaller ones can have many products added and removed in each feed, which would make it very time consuming

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