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    Hello, I have finally figured out how to create my detail pages which contain information about one particular product. I am having trouble though grasping the concept of how I might use the links from an index page to be displayed on each of the individual product pages.

    Also, my database contains products from each state, however, what I'd like to do with this program is to generate my individual product pages (detail pages) and then have a list of all the individual product names that exist in that state appear on the product pages as a type of navigation bar on the left.

    For example,

    (this part would be like an index page)
    Product Name - Oregon
    Product Name - Oregon
    Product Name - Oregon

    individual product details would go here or to the left of the indexed information.

    Can anyone give me some help on some possible ways to do this? I was thinking I may need to do 50 separate index pages, one for each state and then try to either copy and paste that info into a detailed template and run it, or come up with a better solution.

    Thanks in advance for any help or insight anyone can provide.

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    If you have a field "STATE" and "PRODUCTID" then you could, I think, use the WM codes shown below to generate one very long index that lists all of the products grouped by state. This way you would not have to create 50 index pages.

    [WM-IndexLabel STATE]

    The "Lessons Learned in Using WebMerge" posting may also be relevant to your situation.

    Also, have you looked at using the "IF" function? I haven't tried that part of WM yet, but it seems that it might be applicable to your situation.



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