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    Thanks to everyone for submitting tips and help here on the board. I find the board to be a bit more of a help than the actual app tutorials. With that being said, let me throw out a few suggestions that I would find helpful in the redesign or addition to the support page and tutorial sections on Fourthworld.

    These would still help me now and I'm sure new users in the future. Realize I've been at the software for about two weeks, was able to put together a 1000+ site (not to perfection mind you), and have ran into problems with my second project.

    1. I'd like to see an area that specifically breaks down the relationship between tags and what is input in regards to html tags. I think this would make things a little clearer.

    For instance, show different real world linking examples, and show the proper structure to complete everyday tasks, like linking a "BUY IMAGE" from a index page, to an actual product specific page. This one issue has been the most tasking for me in creating pages. I'm sure once I've done it a few times it would become fairly easy, but it's a bit confusing at first.

    2. Breakdown exactly what html tags are inserted when each of the WM tags are used, for example; [WM-Field: XYZ noLink] = "Exact HTML insertion".

    3. In my first site, what I've did to complete the structure of my site is sort my datafeed into exact sections, for example, I have folders named ABC, DEF, HIJ, LMN. I need index pages and specific pages created and inserted into each of these folders. What I've done is ran seperate instances of WM, with just those products that will be in those folders. For a site that may have seven sub directories, I've ran seven instances of WM to accomodate this.

    I'm sure this is not the easiest way to accomplish this task, but considering the current layout and documentation available, it sure seemed like the easiest way for me to get it done.

    This may give you some insite into the minset when delving into creating with WM, for someone who gets blown away when I read the information on creating site hierchy with this tool. Somehow this all needs to be built into the interface to make this much easier, at least to make this a bit more of a mainstream product.
    I know this has been discussed.

    To reiterate immediate need;

    1. A page with real linking examples, and work arounds. Please make these exact and not written in shorthand, I need to see the complete tag used in the example. Also, if this can be accomplished using not only relative, but exact linking structure within the tags.

    I've seen reference to the actual examples in the tutorials, but haven't found them to be much help.

    2. List breakdown of the actual relationship between WM tags and HTML.

    Thanks, it's a great tool, even with the current frustration. I look forward to mastering this bad boy, but need a little guidance.


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    I was just thinking, wouldn't it be nice if an option was built into the TAG MAKER, that allowed for you to insert an actual image url for linking purposes, or at the very least a tic box that allowed you to specify how you wanted to link with the WM tag?

    Seems like a few of the challenges could be built right into this tool, to have WM create the actual linking code to accomodate this.

    Just a thought...

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