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    I just posted this in a merchant's forum (Generic Gifts), and thought I'd pass it along here, unless it's already common knowledge.

    The problem is, there are quite a few feeds out there that are using a category structure like this:
    Main > Sub > Sub2 > etc
    Basically, they is only one category column, which also includes the sub categories.

    Here's my solution:

    Open the feed with Excel (I'm using Excel 97)
    Copy the entire MAIN CATEGORY column.
    Create a new document (workbook).
    Paste the column into the document (workbook).
    Click the DATA tab and select TEXT TO COLUMNS.
    Select DELIMITED, then click next.
    Select the OTHER delimiter and put a > in the box beside it.
    Click finish.
    You now have all of the sub-categories seperated into columns.
    Name the new columns whatever you wish.
    Paste these columns back into the feed and save.


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    Good tip, good detailed explanation.

    Thanks -- I can use this!

    -- Mike

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