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    I used the following on my index template which worked well.
    [WM-Record][WM-IndexLabel: CATEGORY_NAME] [WM-Field: CATEGORY_NAME]
    However I would like it to also display on my category pages. I tried inserting that code but it did not work. I could copy & paste after the index page has been generated and add it to the category template, or do you see something wrong with the tag? Other than that problem I have made over 60 pages

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    As the WM Help file will tell you, "The IndexLabel tag is used only on index pages."

    I think that your plan to "copy & paste after the index page has been generated and add it to the category template" is the way to go. That's the way that I did it on a couple of websites.

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    Instead of copying and pasting multiple times,
    I would copy and paste it to a seperate .htm page. Then, I would create a SSI and include that code on the category template.

    <!--#include virtual="/dir/example.htm"-->

    You only have to copy and paste once, and voila, all of you pages are updated.


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