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    I know this has been asked and answered before, but I still have not quite got it yet. Usually I get things in software rather quickly, but I need a little help.

    Here is what my main headings are in the text file.

    ProductType - poster or prints
    ParentCategory - Sci-Fi & Fantasy, maps, etc
    Category - Lord of the Rings, Fantacy Maps etc
    ImageURL - thumbnail picture
    ProductURL - detailed order html page.
    Title - title

    I would like to have the first index.html page have a list of ProductType to pick from.

    After you pick a ProductType it will then open a webpage showing a listing of ParentCategory to pick from.

    Then a list of Category, which shows several thumbnails on the main page.

    Finally when selecting a thumbnail, it will open up ProductURL html in a new window.

    This is a lot, and it is actually fron
    Im using windowXP, webmerge 2.3

    Any hep would be appreciated.


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    Based on your description I understand that you want to create a website with five tiers

    A- Index Page
    B- Product Type Pages (Prints and Posters)
    C- Parent Category Pages
    D- Category (or subCategory pages)
    E- Product Detail Pages

    In order to do this you will need a template page, one for each level. Also, since the current version of WM can create two levels at a time (Index and Detail), you will need FOUR WM settings files (run sucessively) to create the following pairs of tiers, as follows:

    1) Creates the Index & Product Type pages
    2) Creates the Product Type and Parent Category pages
    3) Creates the Parent Category and SubCategory pages
    4) Creates the SubCategory and Product Detail pages

    You will find the IndexLabel tag useful in creating the indexes for your main page (and perhaps also for the Category pages). There are details posted about this elsewhere in this forum (or take a look at WM help)

    Also, you might consider simplifying the website to four tiers by combining the Product Type and Parent Category on your main index page, e.g., as follows:



    To do this, however, may require making changes to your datafeed in order to sort the posters and the prints into separate groups.

    An alternative approach might be to separate your datafeed into two datafeeds - one for posters and one for prints. If you do this you could could then run each sub-feed to create four levels (B - E) using 3 WM settings files run successively.

    By the way, are you aware that there is a free script available to manage this datafeed? Personnally, I think that using WM to create the website would be more productive (but it is also more work).

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    FRANK, Baertracks
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