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    How can you use a product description field to show a short sample of the description on an index page?

    For example, on the index page you limit the description to, say, 100 characters - followed by a link saying "... click for more details"

    On the actual product page, you use the full description obviously.

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    This is probably not the most "elegant" solution, but here is how I would probably do this:

    1) Copy the existing "Description" column/field and paste it into a new spreadsheet. Save it as an Excel file

    2) Import that new spreadsheet into a database program, e.g. I happen to use Corel Paradox. You should be able to do the same with Access.

    3) Use the "Format Restructure" functions to reduce the number of characters in that field to 100.

    4) Copy and Paste the resulting fields into a new column in your original datafeed, and lable it "Description100." Make sure that they are pasted in correctly to match the "Description" field!

    5) Insert the field "Description100" into your WM template following by ". . . click for more details" and the link to the Product page.

    Another, even less elegant solution, would be to copy/past the "Description" column into a new column/field in your datafeed and label it "Description100." Then, you could use a memorize-the-steps-macro program (I'm still using Record.exe from Windows 3.1!) to page through and edit the "Description100 column" record by record. For each record you would have the macro start at the beginning of the line, count over 100 spaces, then select and delete the remaining text in that line.

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    Thanks for the suggestions Frank.

    I guess I was really wondering if there was some kind of Webmerge tag that would automatically truncate the text to a given length.

    Something like ...
    [WM-Field: Description length100]

    Perhaps Richard would consider adding it to the next version - I think it would be a pretty useful addition.

    The method you suggest is certainly workable - I may consider it if there is no 'easy' option.

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