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    I find that the usefulness of a datafeed is generally in proportion to how many category fields it includes (and, of course, the "cleanliness" of that information).

    Recently after subscribing to receive datafeeds from a major advertising network I was disappointed to find that only 4 of the 19 datafeeds that I received included any field that might be considered equivalent to "CATEGORY" (and only 2 included Primary and Secondary Category information). Is this typical of the experience of other WM users?

    In one datafeed that did provide "Secondary Category" information I was able to construct a secondary to primary category conversion table. This works fine within Excel, but did require a considerable investment in time to set up.

    But what do you do when there is no secondary category information? Are there any shortcuts or data indexing programs that WebMergers have found or developed to help generate these categories for their datafeeds (or is this in the realm of trade secrets?)

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    Email the merchants and tell them they need to improve their feed. Are they CJ merchants? Many of those feeds lack any kind of categories.

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    Yes, these are feeds from CJ.

    And yes, I am thinking about contacting the merchants. First, however, I wanted to get a response from this forum and from CJ support (I sent them an support question this morning).

    The merchants obviously have this information since their websites include a presentation of products by category. So, either this is information that they have specifically chosen not to share with affiliates or there just hasn't been sufficient demand for it.

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    Categories are tough. Not as easy to make your own like keywords. I have had some success with finding the right person at either/bth the network and the merchant to get this changed/fixed. Some simply can't or won't try to fix it.

    A table sounds like a winner to me.


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