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    I'm working on a new feature which I'll describe shortly, but to help me make sure it fits what you folks are doing it would be useful to take a survey on the different ways you folks handle this today:

    A large feed may contain any number of items which will belong to different categories and subcategories and possibly even sub-subcategories.

    How do you folks break up the categories in the feed? We have the WM-IndexLabel tag, and some vendors provid multiple feeds broken into categories. How often do you you these? What other methods do you use?

    Please feel free to be as detailed as you like. The more I understand about how you all work the better I can craft tools to make it easier.

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    I am not currently using any datafeeds that are broken into multiple feeds of categories.

    I do, however, somethimes combine several feeds from different affiliates to display their products in the same website (which could be a similar situation).

    I am frequently using the indexlabel tag to create multi-tiered websites based on categories and subcategories.

    As I mentioned in a previous post, I'd like WM 3.0 to have a function that allows me to generate a new webpage by category after "X number" products whithout having to break the feed into a separate files for each category.

    I do not break a feed into separate categories. The way that I currently handle this situation is to create a new "CATEGORYNBR" field for datafeeds that have lots of items in the same category. For example, let's say that a datafeed includes a CATEGORY called "BackPacks" that includes 110 items. I will add a column "CATEGORYNBR" to the data feed that breaks "PackPacks" into subcategories such that Items 1-24 become CATEGORYNBR PackPacks1, items 25-49 becom CATEGORYNBR PackPacks2, etc. This sounds tedious, but there are some shortcuts within Excel to semi-automate this process.

    Once I have the datafeed revised, I can then use the WM Index Page function "Name Based on Contents of Field" = "CATEGORYNBR" to create a new subcategory "index" page that includes only 24 items. The 110 PackPacks are displayed on five separate webpages (four webpages with 24 products and the fifth page with 14 products).

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    I would also like to be able to automatically generate multiple pages per category number -- the functionality now included for serialized names, but with the ability to generate files named categoryname_001.html, categoryname_002.html, etc.

    Another suggestion is to allow [WM-Include] to include field names. I use a left column menu for each main category that lists the subcategories. I generate these separately from the index pages. I initially thought I would include these menu files directly in the index files with something like [WM-Include: /dir/subcatfieldname.txt] but the fieldname wasn't allowed. Instead, I'm doing the same thing using SSI includes with WebMerge inserting the category number to form the link within the SSI call -- for example, #include virtual="/includes/[WM-Field: MainCatNumber nolink].txt". With larger databases where the menu appears on multiple pages, this solution works better than including it directly into the HTML because there's less to upload. It would have been very useful with a smaller database I use that has multiple category levels. There I wanted to list subcategories at the top of each upper-level category page to create a drill-down menu system. I ended up using SSI there too, but in that case it would have been better to include it directly into the HTML because each menu only appears on one page.


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    I use the WM-IndexLabel tag on all my datafeeds, I usually do not use webmerge for feeds that do not have categories.

    I like both of Jim's suggestionsm especially the file names.

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    Question Multiple Categories of Varying Depth?
    Hello Y'all,

    Quoting Richard:
    "A large feed may contain any number of items which will belong to different categories and subcategories and possibly even sub-subcategories."

    This is precisely what I need to work out. I have a feed that has some products in a Cat /subCat - and some products that are SEVEN categories deep! Cat/subCat/subCat2/subCat3/subCat4/subCat5/subCat6/
    And all in between. Some 3 cats deep, some 4, some 5, etc... No consistency and there are too many items to manually edit the categories in Excel (Over 30,000 rows).

    How in the world do you set this up? I can run about EIGHT Webmerge settings files (files.4ww) and get all the cats and product pages for the deepest categorized products, but of course the products not so deeply categorized fail to generate the proper (product) pages.

    Is there any way to add something to the "Empty" category fields to pass the primary data to the final Webmerge cycle?
    Cat/subCat2/subCat3/subCat4/subCat5/subCat6/product (a product that is 6 cats deep)
    Cat/subCat2/ ??? / ??? / ??? / ??? /product (a product that is 2 cats deep) but "floated - ??? " or carried to the last Webmerge cycle where the product pages are generated.

    Will this work?
    Cat/Cat/Cat/Cat/sub-Cat/product - Replicating or adding the primary category name in the empty fields, after moving the original 2 cats to the last category fields in Excel. (Even if this will work, it would be difficult to make the changes to the all the rows.)

    I sure hope I'm making sense. If not, I'll try to present my question in another flavor.

    OS is windows 2000, Webmerge 2.3 (and I just got 2.4b2 - but I expect the same category issues).

    Any help/ideas will be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks for a great program!

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