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    I am demoing webmerge and I tried to import a database. should all the html be stripped first? Ar first glance, it seems that web merge doesnt display the html properly when I generate the web pages. There are lots of character formatting and such, I would like to keep.


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    You should be able to include HTML when you import your database and display it those codes properly in the WM generated pages. The WM HELP file says this about "Using the raw attribute"

    By default, WebMerge converts field data to HTML. The conversion changes all non-ASCII characters to their corresponding character entity according to the ISO 8859-1 standard. For example, the character "<" becomes "&lt-;" (without the hyphen). This attribute is useful if your database contains some fields whose data is already in HTML format, to prevent WebMerge from altering it for Web display. If your field already contains HTML, you can tell WebMerge not to perform this conversion by using the raw attribute.

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