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    Anyone know how to add attributes to the image field to change a thumbnail's default size. And how to add the ALT tag?

    Here's the original code I've been using (for a 120x120 graphic, withOUT a border, and including the alt tag:

    <img src="http://xxx/thumbnail/p0023487t.jpg" width="120" height="120" border="0" alt="Personalized Kid's Cash Box">

    Here's the default WebMerge code (It works, but the merchant's thumbnails are too large - 180x180, and I need 120x120):

    [WM-ImagePath: Thumbnail]

    and here's the WebMerge code I tried (but doesn't seem to work):

    [WM-ImagePath: Thumbnail width=120 height=120 border=0]

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    Check out the info in this thread:

    It helped me get past this problem.


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