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    January 17th, 2005
    What type of search facility do you offer on your WebMerge created sites?

    I've been using Freefind for the last few years on my own site but I was wondering if there was something equally as good that could be set up server-side.

    Also, I wonder if it would be possible to have a WebMerge created search in a future incarnation of the software? Not sure how (or if) it would work but well, it's something to think about!

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    this is something i have just started investigating and these are some links to free or almost free scripts for a search engine on your site. i have not made my mind up on the one i will use but...


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    January 18th, 2005
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    If you can afford the extra storage on your server, HtDig is totally awesome. It is capable of indexing thousands of pages, has configurable templates for search results pages, no advertisements (you host it), and is very fast.

    This is for the serious affiliate though, and requires shell access at your host provider, along with a little knowledge about how to use the shell.

    Oh yes, it is FREE.


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    I've used XAV successfully in the past. It works quite well and has some interesting features for affiliates. However unless you are on a dedicated server don't hot link to any search results as GoogleBot crawling those dynamic links can crash the server!

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    I use Atomz at

    Richard Gaskin
    Fourth World Media Corporation
    Developer of WebMerge: Publish any database on any site
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