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    I am using [WM-RECORD cols=2 width=500]
    and I wind up with 8 columns?
    I am assuming it has something to do with the way I am coding the index template or the category template. Below is the index template
    [WM-Record width=500 cols=2 border=0 cellpadding=20 cellspacing=30]
    [WM-If: Field: CATEGORY_NAME contains Field: Baby Bedding]
    If true, include this section [/WM-If]
    [WM-Field: CATEGORY_NAME raw no link]
    [WM-ImagePath: THUMBNAIL_IMAGE noLink]
    Discount Price: $[WM-Field: PRICE nolink]
    More Details

    What I am trying to do is wind up with pages for the subcatories like Lambs & Ivy etc.
    I managed to do it once before, however when I went to update the files I messed every thing up. And of course I never kept a copy of the original templates before I foolishly started trying to make changes on the original copies. When will I learn!!! Unless the way I am using the if statement is wrong.

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    I'm not quite sure what you want this to look like at the CATEGORY or SUBCATEGORY level.

    You have a "no link" where it should be "nolink." I am also not sure that "noLink" will (with the capital L) will work.

    You might also take a look at the templates in my tutorial. Start with the basic template that works, and then build it up to add those other tags that you want to include.

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