I am looking to make an If statement to have a greyed out image shown when appropriate on the First/Next/Previous/Last buttons.

I understand that I can use WM-If...but I am not sure how to script this html.

It need go something like

If record #1, then show greyed out image on First and Previous Buttons...if record is last, show greyed out image on Next and Last....Else show First/Previous as Next and Last as appropriate.

I do not find a tag to make this statement.


Why am I wanting to do this, you may ask. I am wanting a place holder to show up on these the buttons stay in place on my pages. With the standard code, if the button is not simply does not show in the table the table then readjusts its size...and the buttons jump around on the page. I want the navigation buttons to remain fixed on my pages...hence my interest in having greyed out images substituted when appropriate.

I am hoping that one of the WebMerge guru's can provide me with a bit of guidance on this bit of html If/else statement.

Thanks in advance.