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    Hi all - I need help with an issue, but I'm not sure I can explain it right. I'll try my best.

    I'm working with a datafeed I constructed myself. I've got three tiers basically - index to topic to subtopic. I've followed Frank's tutorial to create the three-tiered website, and it worked to create the basic structure I'm looking for. What I'd like to do, however, is link from one subtopic to all the other subtopics under the main topic on each subtopic page. Here's a couple of simplified records to illustrate:
    (topic and subtopic, two seperate fields)
    Health - eyes
    Health - nose
    Health - ears
    Commerce - money
    Commerce - taxes
    Commerce - insurance

    What I'd like to do is link from the "eyes" subtopic page to the other subtopics - "nose" and "ears" - dynamically. I've tried a couple of ways but can't get anything to work. Does anyone know the easisest way to do this?

    Any ideas welcome!

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    January 17th, 2005
    I think if you have your data sorted topic, subtopic, it will link to the next and previous topics properly with the built in tags:

    [WM-LinkIndexPrevious]Previous topic[/WM-LinkIndexPrevious]
    [WM-LinkIndexNext]Next topic[/WM-LinkIndexNext]

    but if it is the last subtopic under one topic it will then link to the first subtopic under the next topic... example:

    Commerce - insurance -next>
    <previous- Commerce - money -next>
    <previous- Commerce - taxes -next>
    <previous- Health - ears -next>
    <previous- Health - eyes -next>
    <previous- Health - nose ...


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