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    The category is a field in my DB and I want a new index page for each category. I tried "Name based on contents of field:" and that works somewhat, but it seems to miss products here and there that should be in an index that was already created. Anyone know what wrong, or how to achieve my goal?


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    Take a look at the templates in my tutorial (FRANK's tutorial...) posted at
    That should show you the coding that you need to use.

    If you are missing some records in a category, check to make sure that there are mis-spellings or trailing spaces in your data field that might cause WM to few the record as belonging to a different category.

    Also, is your DB sorted by category? This is VERY important. Otherwise WM would create a new category page and when it re-encounters the same category name later in the DB and overwrite your first category index.

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    > Also, is your DB sorted by category?

    thanks frank. I did have it sorted, but not properly. things are looking good now.

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