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    January 18th, 2005
    You might have seen my recent post regarding a problem I'm having with getting credit for sales through Intrepid. Perhaps others (CJ, SAS, Performics, etc) as well.

    Anyway the problem it seems is that all my page urls are upper-lower case - using the names or titles in the feeds I get. Pages created: i.e. Sword_X.htm vs sword_x.htm.

    As it turns out my server is case sensitive and my sales won't track because the referring URL is not all lower-case.

    If I was to redo my entire 600 mg of files (yikes) - how can I get all the category, subscategory and names in the feed to lower case before creating the pages. I looked in Excel and can't find it. Does WEBMERGE do that? I never knew it was an issue until last night.

    WS_FTP will force lowercase to the server but it doesn't change the link inside the page content - hence nothing I have will work unless I redo everything.

    Does this make sense?

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    NoteTab will convert teXt CaSe but I'm not sure what the max file size is...

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    If you use Excel to tweak your feeds, try using the formula =LOWER().
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    Hi John,

    Is this really correct? i mean i dont see any problem (or at least none that i know of) with pages using either UPPER case, lower case or a combination of the both.

    On some sites i use the product name of the datafeed as page name and run it on webmerge. I am getting sales and dont experience any prblem with it so far.

    Is this problem applicable with other networks or just intrepid?

    Anyone else having the same problem?


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    Hi TNT;

    Ok, after freak'n out for the last few days, and asking around, it seems that only the Kawabunga? (KB)software used by Intrepid is having trouble with my site. I checked and found others have no similar problem (e.g. SAS, LS).

    I am expecting to hear of the fix to the issue with KB soon.(Tonight/Tommorow?)

    So, what I've learned is, there is no problem with varying Text Cases - A big relieve, hell this is all confusing enough as it is.


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